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213、Objectives of project construction management- Doer Equipment

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Objectives of project construction management- Doer Equipment

The goal of construction management is to keep "safety, quality, progress, cost, and contract" under control, and the center of construction management is centered around the five major controls. The five are independent systems and inseparable partners. They constrain and promote each other, and managing the relationship between the five is fundamental to the success of project management. From the initial stage of the project, determine the five major control goals and develop a construction strategy to achieve the five major goals, in order to achieve the control goals of safety, quality, schedule costs, and contract.

Construction management organization

During the implementation of this project, our company has established a project management department, which is fully responsible for the project and performs functions such as planning, organizing, coordinating, and controlling around the project construction goals. On behalf of our company, we manage the project, balance human, financial, and material resources, coordinate relationships among all parties, promptly solve various problems that arise during construction and production, and are responsible for unified external management.

Operating Procedures for the Management organization of this Project

5.3.1 The project management organization is set up separately according to the management layer and the operation layer. The project management layer mainly exercises the functions of planning, organizing, commanding, coordinating, controlling, and external liaison management. The project operation layer is a professional construction team (team), which, under the unified leadership of the project department, arranges and organizes engineering construction according to the overall plan of the project department;

5.3.2 The Engineering Project Department consists of the Project General Manager, Project Manager, Construction Manager, Technical Director, Materialman, Quality Inspector, Safety Officer, Technician, Budgeter, and Documenter, who are managed in a linear manner according to their respective businesses;

5.3.3 Construction operations shall be carried out by professional construction teams (teams);

5.3.4 The management of the project department's command of the operation layer is mainly based on the execution of construction plans and arrangements, and the connection of various professional construction is solved through overall planning instructions;

5.3.5 The company is responsible for providing various resource guarantees to the project department (such as qualified labor resources, construction machinery and equipment, various inspection and testing equipment, etc.), and the project department fully represents our company in fulfilling the on-site contract.

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