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211、Advantages of Doer Large Low Temperature Storage Tank Technology and Equipment - Doer Equipment

Classification:Forum PublishTime:2023-05-09 09:04:49

Advantages of Doer Large Low Temperature Storage Tank Technology and Equipment- Doer Equipment

Doer Company is a hightech enterprise that always adheres to the concept of "building a trustworthy brand in the industry based on advanced DOER technology", actively exploring and developing new processes and technologies, and continuously introducing advanced technologies and research achievements from both domestic and foreign sources. In terms of large low-temperature storage tanks, there are several major advantages:

Technological advantages: Doer Company has maintained close cooperation and exchange with some high-tech enterprises in Japan and Germany for a long time, keeping the company at the forefront of the industry in terms of technology. In China, Du Er Company has deep cooperative relationships with higher education institutions such as Shanghai Jiao Tong University and China University of Petroleum, as well as engineering units such as China Huanqiu Engineering Corporation and China Fifth Ring Engineering Corporation. In the process of tank design and construction, Du'er Company adheres to the principle of "all cross standards are strictly followed", striving to produce products that satisfy customers and meet national standards.

Equipment advantages: In order to ensure the completion of high quality assurance for storage tanks, Du'er Company has established a 5000-5000 square meter storage tank processing plant, with all equipment operated automatically and intelligently. CNC plasma and flame cutting machines are used for cutting materials; The steel plate processing production line can automatically double sided steel shot blasting, rust removal, automatic painting, and drying; The introduction of processing equipment from Germany and the United States for plate groove processing has been completed; The steel plate is pre bent and rolled using a CNC hydraulic universal bending machine; The company has several spectral analyzers, dozens of automatic welding machines, and radiographic testing machines.

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