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210、What should we pay attention to when using liquid argon storage tank- Doer Equipment

Classification:Forum PublishTime:2023-02-11 15:21:46

What should we pay attention to when using liquid argon storage tank- Doer Equipment

The maintenance standard of liquid argon storage tank is that the tank shell is a pressure vessel, and it is prohibited to knock and collide; Frequently check whether the valve is in the correct opening and closing state, whether the measurement of pressure gauge and liquid level gauge is accurate and reliable, and whether there is leakage or blockage in the pipeline and valve.
We should regularly check the pressure gauge and safety valve. When the safety valve is in failure, we should quickly ask the manufacturer to inspect the safety valve. When the pressure of the liquid argon storage tank is too low to meet the production requirements, it can be pressurized by the tank self-pressurization device.
The operation procedure of liquid argon storage tank is to slowly open the booster valve to make the liquid argon enter the supercharger for vaporization. When the amount of nitrogen is large, the booster valve can be opened until the pressure required for production is reached.
When the liquid argon storage tank needs to be filled with liquid, the warehouse should regularly check the inventory of liquid argon, etc. When the inventory is lower than the safety stock during the production period, the logistics and procurement should be carried out in accordance with the requirements to prevent the inner cylinder of the tank from returning to normal temperature and causing excessive loss of liquid when using liquid filling. After the arrival of liquid argon, the supplier should be assisted to fill the tank of liquid argon and verify the quantity.

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